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Tugas Conditional Sentences

Jumat, 06 November 2009

NPM : 20207350
Kelas : 3 EB 10

Summary of Basic Verb Form Usage in Conditional Sentences

Verb Form in the “If Clause”

Simple Present

1. Water (freeze) will freeze if the temperature goes below 32°F/0°C.
This situation express a habitual activity.

2. If I don’t eat breakfast tomorrow morning, I (get) will get hungry during
In truth, I don’t eat breakfast tomorrow morning.

3. If the weather is nice tomorrow, we (go) will go on a picnic.
In truth, the weather is go bad.

4. If I have a big salary , I (buy) will buy a nice house with a large
In truth, I don’t have a big salary.

5. The fire (rise up) will rise up if there are an oxygen.
This situation express an established.

Simple Past

1.If I had enough apples, I (bake) would bake an apple pie this afternoon.
In truth, I didn’t have enough apples.

2.I would fix your bicycle if I (have) had a screw driver of the proper size.
In truth, I didn’t have a screw driver.

3.I (make) would make a tomato salad for the picnic tomorrow if the tomatoes
in my garden were ripe.
In truth, the tomatoes in my garden weren’t ripe.

4.Jack would shave today if he (have) had a sharp razor.
In truth, Jack didn’t have a sharp razor.

5.If I taught this class, I (give) wouldn’t give tests.
In truth, I didn’t teach this class.

6.If he were here right now, he (help) would help us.
In truth, he were not here right now.

7.Sally always answered the phone if she (be) was in her office.
In truth, Sally wasn’t in her office.

Past Perfect

1.If you (tell) had told me about the problem, I would have helped you.
In truth, you hadn’t tell me about the problem.

2.If they (study) had studied, they would have passed the exam.
In truth, they hadn’t study.

3.If I (not slip) hadn’t slipped on the ice, I wouldn’t have broken my arm.
In truth, I had slip on the ice.

4.If he (be) had been at home right now, I would have visited him.
In truth, he hadn’t be at home right now.

5.If I (have) had had enough time, I would have written to my parents
In truth, I hadn’t have enough time.

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